Here you can find a selection of my recently published articles.
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International relations and the critical history of international law,” International Relations 31.3 (2017), 282-298. 

“International Law,” in Mark Bevir, ed., Historicism and the Human Sciences in Victorian Britain (Cambridge University Press, 2017), 237-261.

‘That hippopotamus the American people’: Livingston’s Damn Great Empires!,” Theory & Event 20.3 (2017), 861–866.

The Critical History of International Law,” Political Theory 43.4 (2015), 541–552.

Irony in Adam Smith’s Critical Global History,” Political Theory 45.2 (2017), 141–163 [online 2015].

“Empire and legal universalisms in the eighteenth century,”American Historical Review 117, No. 1 (February 2012), 92-121.

“Political Theory and Empire,” Annual Review of Political Science 13, (2010): 211-35.