I am a Professor of Political Science and the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago. My research interests lie in the fields of modern political and international thought, particularly British and French thought of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; empire; the history of international law; and global justice. You can access my CV here.

My book Boundaries of the International: Law and Empire was published by Harvard University Press in spring 2018. It explores European debates over legal relations with extra-European societies during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I am also author of A Turn to Empire: The Rise of Imperial Liberalism in Britain and France (Princeton 2005); co-editor of The Law of Nations in Global History (Oxford 2017); and editor and translator of Alexis de Tocqueville: Writings on Empire and Slavery (Johns Hopkins 2001). 

I am currently a co-editor of the Cambridge University Press series Ideas in Context, a member of the faculty board for the Human Rights Program and a fellow of the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory (3CT) at the University of Chicago. I earned my Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University in 2000.